Anne-Maarten van Heuvelen a.k.a. Hills is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist based in the Netherlands. He plays mostly roots music like blues, jazz, rock and world music. He toured all over the world, from Prague to San Francisco and from Helsinki to Mexico. On this website you find more information about his bands.


Anne-Maarten writes lyrics and music for the bands he plays with. He recorded dozens of albums; amongst others with Arabicana band NO blues, blues rock trio Black Top and solo project Hills. By now he has written almost a hundred songs of which some have over 800.000 youtube hits.


Anne-Maarten is a well established artist. He is a singer and plays bass guitar and double bass Apart from that he plays guitar and you can find him behind the drums occasionaly. Check out the bands and his social media. Enjoy!
"It's all about playing live music!"
Anne-Maarten ' Hills' van Heuvelen


Trio Brandhout (Firewood Trio)

Formed In 2020


Trio Brandhout is an acoustic jazz trio with vocals, two guitars and a double bass that play songs from the Roaring Twenties and Jazzy Fouries and Gypsy jazz…

Red Hot Percolators

Formed In 2018


The Red Hot Percolators are Anne-Maarten and Hamid Behzadian playing juke joint blues. Old blues songs with two guitars and a bass drum with some blues harp playing…


Formed In 2000

1 Albums

Anne-Maarten plays solo under the guise of Hills with acoustic guitars, a sampler and a footstomp. He put out his debut album in 2006 and his second album…

NO blues

Formed In 2004

6 Albums

NO blues is the crossroads where folk blues and Arabic music meet. We call it Arabicana. Anne-Maarten is singer and double bass player in the band and was…

Black Top

Formed In 2008

3 Albums

Black Top is a blues rock trio that somewhere between ZZ Top and ACDC. Singer bass guitar player Anne-Maarten rocks out hard with Harm van Essen on guitar…

The MarbleTones

Formed In 2000

3 Albums

The MarbleTones are a fifties style blues band with the traditional set up of drums, bass, gitaar and blues harp. Anne-Maarten is lead singer, bass guitar and double…

Phonc & Hills

Formed In 2012

2 Albums

Phonc and Hills is a live improvised electronical music act. Singer songwriter Anne-Maarten and DJ and producer Remko Verweij teamed up to record a couple of songs with…


Formed In 1995

4 Albums

Anne-Maarten allways played in four bands at a time. Some achieved greatness, some never left the rehearsel studio and some go on with different musicians. All of them…

Hills & Hamid

Formed In 2015

1 Albums

A unique combination of two musicians that share a love of blues and micro tonality. Iranian singer, blues guitar player and blues harp player Hamid Behzadian and Hills…


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