NO blues in Amman

We had a great time playing in Amman Jordan! The first show at the Blue fig was magical, playing for an appreciating audience. The atmosphere was relaxed and the warm night was a beautiful start of our five gigs. After the show we went to a place called Dunia where the owner told us he had named his bar after one of our albums Ya Dunya and told us he is a big fan of NO blues. We had waterpipe, drinks en food and enjoyed great Jordanian hospitality.

On day two we played at the Haya Cultural Centre after taking a walk in the area. This theater was a good setting for the NO blues music. Sound engineer Hassan from Eclipse Events did a great job and the band really took off during the show. The audience gave a standing ovation and after the show we went out for food.

Day three was our Kings Day gig at the Embassy. In the Netherlands everybody gets dressed up in orange and celebrates. The Dutch Embasssy was coloured with orange lighting, so we felt right at home. Although the evening was a little chilly, the gig went great and the people kept warm by dancing. A couple from France had come in especially from Jerusalem to watch us play. It is always an honour when fans drive a long way to come to one of the gigs.

On day four the band went cultural and we visited the Citadel at Amman. After seeing the ancient buildings and the amphitheater we went to the Shomann Foundation for our fourth gig. The energy in the room was truly amazing with people singing along and clapping to the songs. Young and old enjoyed the music and after the show and encores we went out for a great meal and more waterpipe.

Our last show was at the Maestro Bar. A completely different venue from all the others. A smokey club with a young crowd. We played with a lot of energy and fire. Again the music came across and the room exploded after solos. People clapped and danced, a great last gig to our stay in Amman. After the show Haytham and Osama had to hurry to catch their flight. What a night!

We want to thank everybody who helped make this tour possible; among others Lama, Ghadeer and the rest of the good people at the Amman Jazz Festival, Maartje Peters at the Dutch Embassy, the Fonds Podiumkunsten for helping us out, the sponsors among which Amstel, the sound engineers, Safe for dragging the instruments around, productiehuis Oost-Nederland and all the people that came out to see us. We hope we’ll go back to Amman!

Black Top EP Pay My Dues out now!

My blues rock band Black Top put out their new EP ‘Pay My Dues’ with a video clip. The release announces a new album planned to be released next year.
Black Top wrote twenty new blues influenced rock songs for the upcoming album. The EP was recorded in the spring. The band is going back to the studio to finisih the album in the winter. The name Black Top refers to the 70’s cult film ‘Two Lane Blacktop’ (1971) about drag racers. This idea was the basis for the ‘Pay My Dues’ video clip, made by Hannemijn de Grood. ‘Pay my Dues’ is the bands first release with the new line up. Anne-Maarten van Heuvelen on vocals and bass, guitarist Elmer Meijers and Rogier Berben on drums.

You can find the EP with three brand new songs on iTunes, Spotify and Deeezer..
Check the video on youtube!

NO blues release Oh Yeah Habibi

With NO blues we did the official release show of the new album Oh Yeah Habibi at the Deventer Schouwburg. I have to say; not a flawless show, but the audience was very receptive to the new material and what an energy from the room! This sixth album is receiving nothing but great reviews. I think we’ve never had so many good reviews on any album. And they all grasp the meaning of the songs. The band is doing a tour for the release and we will be playing for the coming two years. So check the website and come out and come listen to the music that is getting all this praise!